The types of referrals we take

We represent adults, young people and children. 

For all cases, if you want free help, the legal aid rules say you must pass a financial test to show you do not have enough money to pay for advice.

Housing and support

We take on cases for victims of trafficking and slavery across England and Wales who:

  • Need accommodation while they are going through the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) process for the identification of victims of trafficking
  • Need accommodation while they pursue a claim for asylum or other application for leave to remain
  • Need accommodation if their application for asylum or leave to remain has been refused
  • Have been granted leave to remain, are homeless and need to make an application for homelessness assistance to the local authority
  • Need help asking the local authority to accommodate them either because they have a child or because they have social care needs
  • Have accommodation which is unsuitable for them
  • Are renting property and are facing eviction by their landlord

Compensation and employment

We take the following cases for victims of exploitation or slavery across England and Wales:

  • Claims for compensation. We bring claims against traffickers and the state as well as to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Legal aid may be available for these cases. Unlike in immigration cases, you do not necessarily need a reasonable or conclusive grounds decision that you are a victim of trafficking or modern slavery from the government to get free representation. 
  • Discrimination cases. If you qualify for legal aid, you should contact the Legal Aid Discrimination Gateway Service and obtain their permission (and a reference number) to instruct us. If you do not qualify for legal aid, then we can tell you how much it will cost if you have to pay yourself. 
  • Non-discrimination employment cases. These cases do not qualify for legal aid anymore but we can tell you how much it will cost to bring a claim. 

We do cases at the first stage in the Employment Tribunal, the County Court or the High Court. We also take cases on appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. We also do Judicial Reviews.


We can take cases for victims of exploitation or slavery who:

  • Want to be represented in the process to be identified as a victim of trafficking (this is called the National Referral Mechanism or NRM)*
  • Want to apply for a residence permit as a victim of trafficking*
  • Have a claim for asylum
  • Have a claim to stay as a European national*
  • Have a human rights claim*
  • Want to challenge a decision that they are not a victim of trafficking
  • Want to challenge a decision that they cannot get a residence permit.

For cases with a * you will need a reasonable or conclusive grounds decision from the government to get free representation (legal aid). These are decisions saying you might be or definitely are a victim of modern slavery. 

We will usually not be able to take asylum cases outside London and the South of England or detention cases but please get in touch to ask if you are not sure.

We do cases at initial stage and in the Tribunal (appeals) and in the Higher Courts (High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court).

National advice line

We run a free telephone service for people working with victims of trafficking, including lawyers, to advise on any cases we cannot take ourselves or to discuss possible referrals into the NRM.

Please contact us via or 020 7700 7311