Statement in response to the Independent Anti Slavery Commissioner annual report

We wholeheartedly agree with the Commissioner's report today that states:

'At the moment there are too many gaps in the system for victims to fall through'.

We also know that:

  • Victims still face far too many problems getting appropriate support within the identification process.
  • Contrary to instructions in the Modern Slavery Act, victims still do not have access to advice about compensation from their traffickers because of legal aid restrictions.
  • The Commissioner's focus on improving the law enforcement and criminal justice response to slavery is vital as our clients continue to experience significant problems with the police and the criminal courts.
  • The recent changes to the overseas domestic worker visa have little value unless victims are given detailed information in a supportive environment on their real, concrete and accessible rights. The current system does not provide this.
  • The early provision of an independent, legal child advocate for every suspected child victim of trafficking is crucial and so we cannot agree that the interim measures proposed by the UK government are sufficient, adequate or effective for child victims.

Read our full statement here. Read the Commissioner's report here.