Vania* was found crying and doubled over in pain, in a Tesco car park, in the middle of the night. She had finally managed to escape her traffickers after a severe beating. When the police arrived, they took her to hospital and managed to get a brief statement from her via an interpreter because she spoke no English.

They then took her to a hostel for the night, without explaining to her what was happening or that social services would be sending someone to speak to her in the morning. The hostel staff knew nothing and so the next day Vania left to find help on her own, putting 2p coins in a phone box to try and call the police, until she was finally sent to us.

Today, in the UK, victims of trafficking are living in our streets and neighbourhoods. Our clients can come to us traumatised, destitute and in desperate need, often having been failed by the very services that should protect them. Just having their stories listened to and believed, often for the first time, makes a world of difference to them.

Help us to make sure that no one in your town is condemned to a life of slavery.

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*Name changed to protect our client