About Us


ATLEU is young charity providing legal representation to victims of trafficking and labour exploitation. We assist victims to obtain safety, recovery and redress.


Victims obtain compensation, vindication and empowerment by seeking formal redress from their employers and traffickers in the employment tribunal and county court. Regulating victims’ immigration status breaks cycles of exploitation; securing housing, treatment, financial and social support promotes victims’ physical and psychological recovery.


ATLEU delivers a comprehensive and dedicated service to victims helping them find legal solutions to their complex problems. This includes advising victims on their immigration status and assisting them to apply for asylum or other forms of lawful residence; securing appropriate and safe accommodation,  financial support and treatment from local authorities, the Home Office or other statutory bodies; and obtaining compensation from their traffickers or the state.



We aim to develop jurisprudence to enhance victims' rights. We adopt a strategic approach to litigation identifying test cases to further develop the legal protections for victims and hold public authorities to account, including the police, border agency, criminal injuries compensation authority and social services.