Update on Briefing for Report Stage of Immigration Bill 2015

James Ewins’ independent review of the Overseas Domestic Worker visa, published in December 2015, calls for an end to the current system which ties workers to their employers. Lords Hylton and Rosser have proposed an amendment to the Immigration Bill which seeks to implement Mr Ewins' recommendations. The amendment will be debated this evening in the Lords.

ATLEU has seen the government’s statement, published on Monday 6 March 2015 two days before the debate, which purports in part to implement the recommendations of Mr Ewins' report. Unfortunately, ATLEU considers that the partial implementation proposed will not protect overseas domestic workers from trafficking.

ATLEU is calling for peers to pass the amendment proposed by Lords Hylton and Rosser.

Read our full briefing here.

Read more about Ewins’ report here.


We are delighted to say that following compelling speeches delivered by Lords Hylton and Rosser and by Baroness Hamwee, the amendment was carried by 226 votes to 198. We are also pleased that ATLEU's briefing was found useful and relied upon by Lord Hylton and Baroness Hamwee in particular.

We hope that the government will give serious consideration to the amendment, which commands the support of the anti trafficking community and reflects the recommendations of its own independent reviewer.