Diplomats no longer immune to claims from their domestic workers

Today the Supreme Court handed down judgement in the case of Reyes v Al-Malki [2017] UKSC 61. This is a major breakthrough for victims of modern slavery.

Previously domestic workers have been unable to seek redress from their diplomatic employers even where they have been trafficked to the UK and subjected to gross abuse and exploitation. Today the Supreme Court held that overseas domestic workers working in diplomatic households can bring claims against their employers and these claims will be heard once the diplomat has left their post.

Ms Reyes says: “I am delighted that the Supreme Court agrees that I can take my claim against the Al Malkis. I know there are lots of other domestic workers who have suffered like me and I am delighted that they will be able to use this case to get redress, and that they will not have to wait as long as I have done.”

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