Low Pay Commission recommend a review of the family worker exemption

Following ATLEU's representations the Low Pay Commission has recommended that the Government look again at the law in relation to regulation 2(2) of the National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999. The National Minimum Wage Low Pay Commission Report 2014 states:

'While we recognise that any effective action may require a change to primary legislation and necessitate the availability of a suitable legislative vehicle, we recommend that the Government should review the law, and take the next available opportunity to legislate and clarify the entitlement of migrant domestic workers to the National Minimum Wage. We also urge the Government to take action to increase awareness of the NMW entitlement of this group of workers; undertake appropriate enforcement; and ensure the process undertaken for the UK visa arrangements involves an effective check that the legal obligation to comply with the NMW is met by their employer'. 

Read the full report here