ATLEU presses MPs to support amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill to improve protection for those at risk of human trafficking

ATLEU together with Kalayaan, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Anti Trafficking Monitoring Group, Anti Slavery International, Poppy Project, Liberty and Justice for Domestic Workers has written to all MPs on the Parliamentary Committee on the Bill.

ATLEU has urged the MPs to support an amendment to the Modern Slavery Bill from David Hanson MP. The amendment would restore rights to overseas domestic workers permitting them to change their employers and apply to extend their visas. Currently overseas domestic workers have no right to change employers - rendering them acutely vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

ATLEU believe that this amendment would be a significant step in improving the position of overseas domestic workers.

You are very welcome to use the letter as a model to write to your own MP. 

Download our letter here