Court of Appeal considers cases challenging state and diplomatic immunity

ATLEU represents claimants in two significant appeals to the Court of Appeal being heard this week: 1) Janah v Libya, Benkharbouche v Sudan and 2) Reyes and Suryadi v Mr Jarallah Al Malki and Mrs Al Malki. The claimants seek to challenge the application of state and diplomatic immunity where claims are brought by domestic workers. These appeals are hugely significant. Overseas domestic workers working in diplomatic households and embassies are exceptionally vulnerable to exploitation and abuse including trafficking. Two of the Claimants have been identified by the Home Office to be victims of trafficking.

It is regrettable that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who are taking part in these hearings, will be taking the side of the defendants. Despite the Government's purported commitment to ending modern day slavery they are arguing to perpetuate a culture of impunity and to entrench the vulnerability of many. 

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